RPG Tools para phpBB 3

Teve uma ideia para um plugin/mod? Poste aqui e talvez haja algum pronto ou o Ronassic mesmo poderá fazê-lo, quem sabe?! Nesse fórum os moderadores e admins também irão propor novos recursos (plugins ou mods) já existentes e funcionais para votação de todos.

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RPG Tools para phpBB 3

Mensagem#1 » 22 Abr 2013, 10:01

Título: RPG Tools para phpBB 3

Esse mod implementa o RPG Tools no fórum phpBB 3.

Demo: http://www.spell.net.br/f/viewtopic.php ... no_trade=1
usuário: testuser
senha: testuser

Versão: 2.0.7

Nível de instalação: Intermediário

Tempo de instalação: ~20 minutos

Notas do autor: Esse mod é baseado no RPG Tools original para phpBB 2 criado por Cback.

- Gerador de Clima que pode ser habilitado ou desabilitado para cada fórum.
- Completamente configurável via Painel de Controle do Administrador.
- Função de modo de batalha para posts (Arena).
- Geração de danos e ataques se estiver habilitado o modo de batalha.
- Geração automática de clima em fóruns individuais a cada 24 horas.
- Perfil de personagem visível em viewtopic.php.
- Painel de Controle do Usuário do RPG Tools.
- Mercador
- Galeria de Itens
- Criação de personagens com classes, raças...
... e etc.

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Re: RPG Tools para phpBB 3

Mensagem#2 » 26 Abr 2013, 10:48

Ae isto não seria adequado a um site de jogo on line cara?
Tá testando algo?

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Re: RPG Tools para phpBB 3

Mensagem#3 » 30 Abr 2013, 12:14

Não creio, acredito que pode ser divertido.
Sim, estou testando.
Encontrei outro que parece ser até melhor:

waratte escreveu:Modification Name: RPG-BB
Author: waratte

Modification Description::
An RPG mod for phpBB forums. This is all made out of the fact that there`s no working/complete/released rpg mod for phpBB forums, some are even abandoned before they got anything rolling out. :/ So, I wrote this to solve that.

Also, if you do try this out, don`t be disappointed that there isn`t really any features. I tried my best to work on this, and this is how far I got in a short amount of time. I try to work on this a bit everyday.

I`ll try to bump this topic everytime there`s a change in the minor version. ( For example, moving from vX.X.0 to vX.X.1 )

Modification Version::

Change log::
You can view more of the change log of the current version ( v0.0.5a ) here.

Previous versions:
You can view those here.

This was tested on PHP version 5.2.17 and MySQL version 5.1.56.

Additionally, this has only been tested/worked on in prosilver. I plan to add subsilver2 support later on. ( Though, you can still try it on subsilver2 if you`re good with html. )

  • Creating a user
  • Attacking another user
  • Health regeneration
  • Simple character list
  • Deleting user
  • Ability to attack user from a drop-down form ( Opposed to typing in the name )

It might not seem like much but hey, it`s a start.

Notable Features of current version:
  • An "Online" column in the characterlist table:
    • This allows you to see easily who`s online and who`s not online.
  • Added link to online column in characterlist:
    • Now, you can show ONLY online characters. :D
  • Get stronger after 5 level ups!:
    • Every 5th level, your base attack is increased by one point! :D
  • More dynamic attacking:
    • It`s now possible for you to "fail" an attack and it`s also possible for your opponent to attack you back too! :D
  • The installer is now inside a folder:
    • For security purposes, delete once you`re done installing rpg-bb.
  • Fused pre-attack and attack info pages:
    • No more need for going back and forth between pages, just continue on selecting their name and attacking!
  • Dropbox changed:
    • Instead of the dropbox showing a list of online users, it shows the top 50 users with the most health! ( Excluding dead players :D )
  • New attack button for characterlist:
    • This should make attacking characters a whole lot easier!
  • No redirecting back to the main panel after a failed attack:
    • Makes attacking easier!
  • Added health regeneration code to the stats retrieval code:
    • This will restore your health even when you`re away, and makes it impossible for people to attack you without your health being regenerated first. :D


http://waratte.us/wp-content/uploads/20 ... creen3.png
http://waratte.us/wp-content/uploads/20 ... creen2.png
http://waratte.us/wp-content/uploads/20 ... creen1.png

Modification Download:
If you know how to checkout an SVN repo, then you can download the latest revision from here: https://code.google.com/p/rpg-bb/


Extended Changelog:

  • r14 Changes:
    • Cleaned up and commented a bit of functions_rpg.php
    • Moved install.php into an install folder
    • Added intergrated attack feature ( try to attack someone and you`ll see what I mean once you see the results )
    • Fixed random MySQL blunder
    • Added a new use of the "finesse" attribute. Finesse helps you dodge and commit attacks.
    • Added chance of attack, so, you don`t always succeed.
    • Added a chance to have the other player`s character attack you when you try to attack them
    • Fixed bug where I forgot to move a certain return statement outside an "if" statement
    • Fixed a typo in the rpg_attack_info_body.html page
    • Added a bolding in the same page
    • Deleted side panel in characterlist for more room
    • Reversed that decision, it`s easier the old way
    • Added attack button in character list for even easier attacking!
    • Changed the dropbox to something that checks for the top 50 healthiest players instead of online players
    • Added feature of getting something more than more health and mana when you level up, +1 to base attack every 5th level! :D
    • Fixed unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING error
    • Fixed rpg_Get_Names_Of_Healthiest_Characters() function, it included dead characters too.
    • Fixed error recieved when trying to get current health
    • Fixed bug that let attack go through even if it failed
    • Fixed bug where it claimed you always succeeded
    • Removed useless "if" statements that caused the problem above.
    • Changed "base_melee_attack" to "base_attack"
    • Added main panel bar to the attack info page
    • Added new feature of having attacking errors redirected to the attack panel rather than the main panel
    • Added the regeneration code to rpg_Get_Stats function
    • Added protection from non-logged-in users for the above change. ( Or else, it would produce a MySQL error )
    • Made it virtually impossible for a character to attack you without your health regenerating first

  • Check to see which characters are online. DONE!
  • Add character information in viewtopic.php. ( Probably won`t be done for a LONG while. )
  • Add feature for new level improving your attack. DONE!
  • Character Page
  • Add character search feature
  • Add more dynamic attacking DONE!
  • Put installer inside a /install-rpg-bb directory DONE!
  • Split up functions_rpg.php
  • Add a link in the characterlist to show who`s online. DONE!
  • Add pagination for characterlist
  • Fuse attack results and pre-attack pages DONE!
  • Change the dropbox to something that checks for the top 50 healthiest players instead of online players DONE!
  • Add button to characterlist for attacking DONE!
  • Find a way to improve the online thing. ( Characters are being listed as online when they are not )
  • Have attacking errors refer back to the attack panel so there`s no going through all of those pages ( Lazy :P ) DONE!
  • Add the regeneration code to rpg_Get_Stats DONE!
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Re: RPG Tools para phpBB 3

Mensagem#4 » 30 Abr 2013, 20:28

Ao menos vocè, sei lá usa estas coisas.
Hahahhahahahahahahahaa :haha:

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